Project activities and partners

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The project Integration and Experience Expert - Companion to Successful Employment of Immigrants is being developed under the Nordplus Adult Programme. Project Number: NPAD-2023/10009. Participating countries: Finland, Lithuania and Sweden.

The project addresses issues concerning both immigrants and service providers and promotes the acquisition of experience-based knowledge, which is essential for developing services, changing attitudes, and fostering an understanding of the challenges people encounter throughout their lifespans.

The project's aim is to train international individuals residing in project countries who already possess some background in integration and experience, enabling them to become highly professional Integration and Experience Experts. With practical hands-on experience, they will be equipped to work directly and closely with immigrants and refugees using the available tools, knowledge, and their personal experiences.

Throughout the project, a methodology and course will be developed and piloted. The course structure will be based on the Integration-Employment-Wellbeing framework and will be tailored to individuals with their unique immigrant experiences. Blended course materials will be developed and tested in the partner countries. Additionally, the project will establish an international virtual community of Integration and Experience Experts, connecting experts from the participating countries to share their experiences and expertise.

green red and yellow wall
green red and yellow wall

Ostrobothnia Associations (POHY) aims to support the well-being of the population in the Ostrobothnia region of Finland and act as a common meeting place and living room. POHY is a roof organization for welfare associations in the field of social and health care. The organization works to disseminate information and make everyday life better for people with disabilities, patients and their family and relatives. POHY has extensive experience organizing integrational services and courses. POHY works with international NGOs, associations, and integration organizations.

B-Creative is an association that are developing courses, event, workshops in different topics, such as language learning, virtual travelling, education, culture. B-Creative has a large network of cooperation with NGOs, educational organisations and associations in Sweden and in Europe. The association has expertise in the development of educational materials, as well as experience in networking, organizing events, and conducting workshops. The staff at B-Creatives possess knowledge in the areas of marketing, dissemination, and working with social media for the purpose of project promotion.

What The Finland (WTF) has vast experience in successful integration activities since 2019 when it was established. WTF has been piloting and developing different integration activities and services and giving information, advice, and guidance to all internationals with different backgrounds. WTF offers internationals an open platform to network and share information and experiences.

Raidos kryptys has an extensive project and online learning tools and materials development experience. The projects we choose to participate in are usually aimed at promoting adult education by raising the awareness of and increasing access to educational opportunities. Some of our completed projects have contributed to improving the socio-economic quality of life and reducing the risk of social exclusion of adults. The organization provides high quality educational content and its delivery to a variety of adult learners.