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IE-Experts Course Kicks Off, Bringing Together International Participants

The first online session of the IE-Experts course launched on March 18th, welcoming 19 enthusiastic international participants from Finland and Lithuania.

The course provides a platform for individuals dedicated to fostering integration and enriching cultural experiences. Participants actively engaged in discussions and shared valuable ideas, creating a warm and collaborative atmosphere.

We were thrilled to see the passion and optimism of the participants. This program is fostering a strong community, and we look forward to the positive changes our participants will create.

The IE-Experts course is designed to... ( Briefly describe the purpose of the course in one or two sentences).

Become an Experience Expert

Unlock your potential with the IE Expert Course.

Experience experts possess knowledge, skills, and expertise in a specific field due to personal background and experiences. They may have spent years studying, working, or living in a foreign country while gaining valuable insights and understanding that they can share with others.

Experience experts often provide guidance, advice, and mentorship to others. They may work in various roles, such as consultants, educators, or coaches, offering their expertise to help others navigate challenges, solve problems, or achieve their goals.

As peer supporters, they also offer support, empathy, and understanding to others going through similar experiences or challenges based on shared lived experiences. Peer support can take place in various settings, including support groups, peer mentoring programs, or one-on-one interactions.

Experience experts may have personally faced and overcome similar difficulties, struggles, or hardships, giving them unique insights and perspectives that they can use to support and encourage others.

Are you interested in unlocking your potential with the IE Expert Course starting in March 2024? The online course provides the tools, knowledge, and support necessary to help you reach your goals as an educated experience expert with an integration background.

Through a combination of a self-paced online course, practical activities, and online coaching, the IE Expert course equips participants with the insights and strategies needed to help immigrants integrate successfully into their new communities.

Apply today and take the first step toward success in life!

IE-Experts Course Gears Up: International Partners Finalize Materials in Vaasa

Vaasa, Finland, 14-15 December 2023

A productive two days were spent in Vaasa, as project partners from Finland, Sweden, and Lithuania came together to finalize the IE-Experts course materials and plan the upcoming pilot program.

The collaborative sessions focused on refining the course content and establishing a clear roadmap for the pilot launch. The international team spirit fostered a productive environment, with participants expressing gratitude for the teamwork and excitement for the next steps.

"These past two days in Vaasa have been instrumental in solidifying the IE-Experts course," said Kristina Lillqvist, the project coordinator. "The finalized materials and clear piloting process will ensure a successful program launch."

With the course materials finalized and the piloting process mapped out, the project is well on its way to achieving its goals. Stay tuned for further updates on the launch of the IE-Experts program!

LIVING LIBRARY on Lithuania trains

The National Institute for Social Integration is running a social campaign aimed at strengthening the human rights discourse by breaking down stereotypes of vulnerable groups in the media and by creating an authentic emotional connection with members of these groups.

A living book is a person who agrees to share his or her life story and to answer questions from visitors who come to talk. And the reading process is an open conversation between the Living Book and the reader, where a personal connection is established and negative stereotypes that exist in society towards these groups are reconsidered.

One of the Living Books (speakers) is Dharshan, a Sri Lankan refugee who left because of the persecution of the Tamil minority. He came to Lithuania six years ago and has since established a quiet life in Pabrade. The book talks will be in English, but a Lithuanian translator will be available.

It's a good thing we are all different! We are all LIVING, speaking BOOKS with different stories and different experiences! Out of all our differences, the LIVING LIBRARY was born.

When and where? 10 December, on the routes from Vilnius to Klaipėda at 10:44 am and from Klaipėda to Vilnius at 4:50 pm.

Find out more HERE.

Nurturing possible partnerships

The Finnish partners involved in the IE-Experts project showcased the project at the Associations' Meeting Point, which was held at Yrkesakademin Ostrobothnia and hosted by Järjestöklinikka in Vaasa on November 29.

The event attracted significant interest, drawing in many visitors who were enthusiastic about the project's goals and concepts. The project team took advantage of the opportunity to interact with a diverse audience, notably international professional students, aiming to cultivate potential partnerships and envisioning them as potential Integration and Experience Experts in the future.

Crafting a Compelling Visual Identity

Developing a comprehensive visual identity involved brainstorming sessions that culminated in the creation of several concepts, ultimately leading to the design of a compelling project poster. This poster serves as a centerpiece for dissemination events, encapsulating the project's essence through a blend of graphics, concise content, and visually captivating elements. The collaborative effort behind the poster's creation ensured that it effectively communicates the project's key findings, benefits, and impact, enticing and engaging audiences at events. This visually appealing and informative poster will serve as a tool for showcasing the project's results and fostering a deeper understanding of its significance.