How to integrate as an immigrant in Sweden

Integration in Sweden – a quick guide

12/22/20231 min read

a couple of flags hanging from the side of a building
a couple of flags hanging from the side of a building
  1. Get “the papers” right. Understand which requirements you need to fullfil and the legal documents you need to have to come to Sweden, live and work there. More info about the formal process at Migrationsverket (Swedish migration board).

  2. Find a place to live – your own house, apartment, or shared living space with another person.
    Turn to Google and type: “
    lägenheter [the name of your city]”, “bostäder …”, “köpa hus i …”, or check out

  3. Find an occupation Arbetsförmedlingen (Swedish Public Employment Service)

  4. Learn the Swedish language (Your municipality in Sweden probably offers free language courses as well)

  5. Learn social norms and rules. (For example, by reading my book “How to be Swedish“)

  6. Learn how to connect with Swedes. Read: How to make friends in Sweden

  7. Celebrate Swedish traditions (or at least be aware of what’s going on)

  8. Learn about your rights and duties.

  9. Pay taxes (Taxation in Sweden), useful information from Skatteverkett (Swedish tax agency).

  10. Find out which institutions and organisations which might help you live your life in Sweden. Sweden offers support and opportunities in many – sometimes unexpected – areas. For example, reach out to ALMI if you want to start a company in Sweden.